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Getting no allowance from the government, our Jamiah is totally depended on the donation and sadka of Mass Muslim community around the world. It is inevitable that to run such a big institution we need a huge amount of money. We have various proposed projects that we can not start due to shortage of fund. There Jamia authority is seeking help from Muslim community around the world to come with help so that we never slip from our path of educating a large number of students to make them enlightened with the light of Islam.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (Khatunganj Br. Chittagong)


Al Jameatul Arabiatul Islamia Ziri

Account No. 1499

Ziri Islamia Yeatim Khana (Orphanage)

Account No. 4318

Sonali Bank (Saktai Branch, Chittagong)


Al Jameatul Arabiatul Islamia Ziri

Account No. 3132

organization refference

Al Jameatul Arabiatul Islamia Ziri


Santir Hat, Patiya, Chittagong 4371, Bangladesh.


Tel: +880 1819316656

Annual Expenditure

BDT 2,00,00,000 (20 Million)


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