Jameah Ziri Honorable Teachers (Ustad)

they introduce a curriculum in the field of Islamic Shariah

The Jamiah Honorable teachers (Ustads) has the motto to introduce a curriculum in the field of Islamic Shariah which can give scope of knowledge each an everyone student (Talebul Eleem). There is also provision for vocational training which help the students to build their career as a self-reliant man. At present, it has 55 teachers and 1600 students among whom 1000 are orphans.

Ustad Name Designation
1 Al-Haz Hajrat Moulana Shah Mohammad Toyeb Shaheb Principal
2 Allama Mohammad Musa Shaheb Shaikhul Hadith
3 Allama Ahmadullah Kashemi Shaheb Mohaddis
4 Allama Shahadat Hossain Arman Shaheb Mohaddis, Mufti
5 Allama Forkan Abdul Haque Anwari Shaheb Mohaddis, Mufti
6 Allama Abdul Awwal Shaheb Mohaddis
7 Allama Lutfur Rahman Shaheb Mohaddis
8 Allama Ismail Nazib Shaheb Mohaddis, Adib
9 Allama Kari Locman Shaheb Mohaddis
10 Allama Mohammad Raziullah Shaheb Mohaddis
11 Allama Mohammad Nurullah Shaheb Mohaddis
12 Moulana Jubaer Ahmed Shaheb Senior Teacher
13 Moulana Shahidullah Shaheb Senior Teacher, Mufti
14 Moulana KAri Ibrahim Faruki Shaheb Senior Teacher
15 Moulana Idris Shaheb Senior Teacher, Mufti
16 Moulana Mohammad Hossain Shaheb Senior Teacher
17 Moulana Mohammad Shoyaeb Shaheb Senior Teacher
18 Moulana Saber Masum Shaheb Senior Teacher, Mufti
19 Moulana Hafez Mohammad Hossain Shaheb Senior Teacher
20 Moulana Kari Monirul Islam Shaheb Kari, Senior Teacher
21 Moulana Shihab Uddin Shaheb Kari, Senior Teacher
22 Hafez Mohammad Khoayeb Shaheb Asst. director
23 Moulana Ahmed Kamal Shaheb Senior Teacher
24 Moulana Hafez Mizanur Rahman Shaheb Senior Teacher
25 Moulana Hafez Habibullah Shaheb Asst. Teacher, Mufti
26 Moulana Abdullah Mohammad Tawhidul Islam Shaheb Asst. Teacher
28 Moulana Mizanur Rahman Shaheb Asst. Teacher
29 Moulana Mohammad Ayub Shaheb Asst. Teacher
30 Moulana Mohammad Yeasin Shaheb Asst. Teacher
31 Moulana Hafez Ayub Shaheb Asst. Teacher
32 Moulana Hafez Atique Shaheb Asst. Teacher
33 Moulana Hafez Mohammad Elias Shaheb Asst. Teacher
34 Moulana Hafez Samsul Alam Shaheb Asst. Teacher

Ziri Officials

Name Designation
1 Moulana Abul Hashem Shaheb Secretary, Finance & Admin
2 Moulana Mostaque Ahmed Shaheb Secretary, Orphanage
3 Moulana Abu Musa Shaheb Asst. Finance, Office cum Computer
4 Moulana Abul Kashem Shaheb Director, Boarding
5 Moulana Abdul Mannan Shaheb Asst. Director, Boarding
6 Moulana Hafez Abdul Hakim Shaheb Mahassil, Caretaker

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